What is Saponin?
  • Saponin means Sapona, that is, a soap in Greek. Saponin was named by the inflections of that Sapona. In other words, it was named because aqueous solution called Saponin made fine bubbles like soap.
    Usually, as Saponin reduces the surface tension of water, it makes bubbles easily. There are many plants containing saponin around us. Small amount of saponin is contained in various kinds of vegetation such as bean, spring onion, codonopsis lanceolata, buckwheat, bellflower root, mung beans, garlic, onion, ginkgo nut, kutzu, chives, etc, but the red ginseng saponin is distinguished strictly from these vegetable saponin.
    Red ginseng saponin has the mild nature of drug, is non-toxic and hardly has the hemolytic action. Also. it has the chemical composition which is quite different from saponin found from other vegetation. Red ginseng saponin is called Ginsenoside meaning Ginseng glycoside in order to distinguish from saponin contained in other vegetation.
    Effects and Efficacy of Saponin
  • Has the great ability of lipolysis and boosts the absorption of nutrients and digestion
  • Boosts metabolism by the intracellular enzyme activation
  • Helps rejuvenate, relieve fatigue, improve impotent feeling and anorexia by multiplying energy
  • Boosts the synthesis of serum protein
  • ※ Saponin is a kind of compound called Ginsenoside and is indicated as Ro, Ra,…by the travel range which ingredients show off upon ingredients identification. Ginsenoside has the wide variety of effects and efficacy as follows:
  • Alcohol detoxification, anti-hepatitis activity, anti-inflammatory action
  • Brain cell pain-killing action, inhibition of lipid peroxidation
  • Central nerves depressant action, antipyretic analgesic action, liver function protection
  • Improvement of learning ability, antifatigue action
  • Anti-diabetic, antiarterioscelotic, hepatic cell proliferation
  • Platelet aggregation inhibition, improvement of memory loss
  • Painkilling action, boosting synthesis of protein and lipid
  • Inhibiiton of cancer cell metastasis, liver protection, inhibition of anticancer drug resistance
  • Boosting adrenocorticotropic hormone secretion
  • Liver protection, antitumor action, inhibition of platelet aggregation
  • Liver protection, boosting marrow cell synthesis
  • Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation, inhibition of tumor proliferation