If made by craftsmaster of Korean ginseng,
Sobaek Korea strictly and thoroghly selects from the material with
"Craftsmaster Sung Chan Gang" who has researched and grown
Poonggi Ginsengover three decades for high quality 6-year old red ginseng.
Sobaek Korea is GMP-approved company and has grown keeping pace with the commercialization of health functional food of red ginseng, and we are producing all products which have passed through the exhaustive hygienic process from the production through the factory-out.
                 OUR AWESOME PRODCUTS                 
Prestige red ginseng whose value is different.
  • Blood flow
    'Bonchogangmok' which is an ancient medical book records ginseng has the medicine with effect of cardiotonic action. This is because the ginseng speeds up the blood circulation...
  • Diabetes
    Diabetes refers to a disease that glucose cannot be used for energy but excreted in the urine because of insufficient secretion of insulin controlling the glycometabolism or low activity of insulin...
  • Immunity
    Immunity is a human defense system against bacteria, virus, etc invaded from the outside. Building up the immunity is a basic to preserve the health. The improvement of immunity by the ginseng has been...
  • Anticancer
    'Myungeuibyulgok' in China published 1500 years ago said that ginseng 'breaks down(破) the solid lump(堅積)' as one of remedial effect of ginseng. The ‘solid lump(堅積)’ refers to the solid lump which is formed in...
  • Climacterium
    Women climacterium is a symptom which the ovarian function declines before or after age of 50 and brings about the physical and mental change. This is attributed to the change such as reduced production of...
  • Antifatigue & Antistress
    If the work is become less efficient when we perform physical or mental work, it is called 'fatigue'. The human body has the homeostasis which will maintain the constant harmony and balance. This homeostasis is...
  • Skin beauty care
    The court ladies in Dynasty Chosun took bath with ginseng liquid to be in King's favor because the ginseng leaf tea was said to have excellent effect to prevent chloasma, blemish, etc and controls the wrinkles....
  • Stamina
    There is a saying, 'Korean geisha drug without ginseng preserved in honey' meaning that there is no must-have. Perhaps the drug has been recognized as aphrodisiac from old times and so it was the food which must be pre...
  • Hangover relief
    Relieving hangover is a perennial problem of drinkers. Hangover is caused by alcohol contained in the liquor and acetaldehyde which is the primary metabolite of alcohol...
  • Antikinesia
    People carried a root of ginseng when they had a long travel in the days antinauseant had been not common. Because they don't feel motion sickness if they chew a piece of ginseng when they are on board of train, car and boat...
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