Sobaek Korea,
a Reliable Company who
fulfills his promises and pledges made to customers.
Sep 1997 Established Sobaek Ginseng Agricultural Union-affiliated factory
Sep 1999 1st consigned processing export of red ginseng
Sep 2000 2nd consigned processing export of red ginseng
May 2001 Manufactured red ginseng extract, sliced red ginseng
Aug 2002 Registered trademark and service
Sep 2002 Acquired quality management system ISO 9001:2000
Oct 2003 Appointed as excellent agricultural product of Gyeongbuk
Dec 2003 Won citation from Gyeongsangbuk-do governor
Jun 2004 Exported USD960,000 to the Americas
Oct 2004 Exported USD200,000 to New York, USA
Dec 2004 Appointed as excellent agricultural of Yeongju-si
Dec 2004 Won citation from Gyeongsangbuk-do governor
Apr 2005 Exported USD220,000 to the Americas
Mar 2006 Exported USD460,000 to the Americas
Feb 2007 Won export trophy from Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
Dec 2007 Opened good manufacturing practice-based GMP facilities
Jan 2008 Registered in entering agro-fishery home shopping
May 2008 Exported 1st shipment $200,000USD to LA, USA
Sep 2008 Completed nutritional contents test for FCE (Food Canning Establishment) & SID (Submission Identifier) by FDA
Oct 2008 Consigned processing for Kangwon Ginseng Union (120 Tons)
Dec 2008 Consigned processing for Total Bio Korea Inc
Jan 2009 Dedicated as GMP-applied company
Feb 2009 Exported 2nd shipment USD200,000 to US Home Shopping Korea LA
Apr 2009 OEM Exported red ginseng-preserved in honey USD50,000 to Hong Kong
Jul 2009 Established Guangzhou branch in China
Oct 2009 Won excellence award in Yeongju luxury agricultural product.
Apr 2010 Started supplying to 52 stores of Homeplus and 6 stores of Lotte Department Store which are SSM stores in Korea
Sep 2010 CEO Sung Chan-Kang was selected as master of ginseng in Gyeongbuk's agricultural master
Jan 2011 Exported 3rd shipment USD300,000 to US Home Shopping Plus LA
May~Sep 2011 Exported USD200,000 to NUTRILINK LIMITED, Hong Kong
Aug and Sep 2012
Exported USD 600,000 to Gyeongbuk Corporation-H-MART
2012~2013 Exported USD 300,000 to AUSDTRALIA "DACOM KOREA"
2011~date, 2015 Exported USD400,000 to Hong Kong Park N Shop, City Super,etc.
Jun 2013 date~2015 Candy Exporting USD20,000 every months to VIETNAMHeld brand launch-
Nov 2013 ing show in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
SEP 2014 Started selling to CHINA online shopping mall - VIP.COM
Dec 2014 Held promotion event at AEON MALL in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and set up 15 agents
Mar 2015 Exported USD 30,000 to VIETNAM
SEP 2015 The fresh ginseng Exported USD 123,000 to CHINA - ALIBABA.COM & TAOBAO MALL
Nov 2015 Exported USD 500,000 to CHINA-WEIHAI
Dec 2015 Won export trophy from Gyeongsangbuk-do governor
Jun 2016 Designed as Promising Export Firm by the Small & Medium Business Administration
Jul 2016 Exported USD 300,000 to CHINA-WEIHAI
Apr 2017 Acquired Food Quality Management System ISO 22000:2005
Nov 2017 Exported USD 450,000 to CHINA-WEIHAI
Dec 2017 Dedicated as 6th of Agricultural Industrialization
Jan 2018 Exported USD 350,000 to CHINA-WEIHAI
Nov 2018 Dedicated as HACCP-applied company
Acquired Food Safety System FSSC22000